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Advanced Sewing, 4-12, 2:00

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The ability to use a sewing machine to sew straight seams.

These items are required the first day of class: Sewing Machine (any model as long as it is working), fabric scissors, pins, thread, seam ripper and hem gauge (measuring tool). Fabric for pants and elastic should be purchased before the second class. Details about fabric purchases will be given during first class. Addition sewing project items may need to be purchased as well once pants are completed.

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This is an advanced sewing class for students that have sewn before and can sew straight seams. Students will be instructed as a group on how to make pajama pants with pockets. If students complete their pants before the end of the course, they may choose another project/s of their choice to begin.

Those students that have previously taken this class and constructed pants may choose a different project to complete for this class.


This is an Enrichment Class.