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American Literature, 9-12, 9:30

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Assorted books will be required. I will provide suggested ISBN numbers, but if you already own another copy, that is fine. Library books are discouraged because they will make annotations more difficult.

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Over the course of the year, we will use literature to explore various periods of American history. Through these literary works, we will examine our country’s diverse heritage and culture from the perspective of men and women who have shaped our country through their writing.


Classes will be saturated with thoughtful discussion among the students, facilitated by the instructor via Socratic questioning. Students are NOT required to enjoy all the materials covered! In fact, some of the best discussions center around a book that elicits contradictory responses. However, students ARE expected to contribute to the class in a respectful way that encourages their peers to think and evaluate differing opinions.  

  • We will read novels, short stories, essays, plays, and poetry.

  • Reading time will vary among students, but I will typically assign 50-75 pages per week.

  • 30% of the student’s grade will come from their thoughtful contribution to our discussions, which requires reading and preparation every week. (Think of Scar from the Lion King and "BE PREPARED!") 

  • Strong opinions, thought-provoking questions and interesting ideas are welcomed and encouraged!

  • Students will learn how to annotate and analyze a work of literature, a valuable skill for collegiate writing and improved comprehension. 

  • Students will continue to refine their writing and public speaking skills (and have fun!) through essays, creative writing, and imaginative presentations.


*Summer & winter break reading WILL BE REQUIRED.

**A potential booklist will be included before registration begins. 

***Parents are strongly recommended to preview all books for content. While I am not selecting any books uncommon to HS level literature classes, we will be addressing challenging topics. Please be mindful that the material is appropriate for your unique student. If you have any concerns or questions, please email me at

Potential reading list may include, but is not limited to:


  •         To Kill a Mockingbird,

  •         Fahrenheit 451,

  •         The Old Man and the Sea,

  •         The Scarlet Letter,

  •         The World I Live In,

  •         White Fang,

  •         The Red Badge of Courage,

  •         The Great Gatsby,

  •         The Outsiders,

  •         A Rose for Emily,

  •         The Yellow Wallpaper,

  •         as well as works from assorted American poets