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American Sign Language 1.5, 6-12, 2:00

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ASL 1 (Others admitted only with instructor's permission)

American Sign Language Phrase Book (loaned to students by instructor for the semester). Subscription to for the duration of the class 4 months: $24.95 (optional but helpful)

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Class Description

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual-spatial language rather than a spoken one. Communication emphasis is on expressive skills (signing) and receptive skills (watching and comprehending) in order to understand and communicate with deaf/Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and other individuals with communication disorders. For this Novice-Low Range Level, students will learn to communicate, comprehend, and present on very familiar topics using isolated words and high frequency phrases, and music (hopefully, depending on time). Through the immersion model, the class will be taught via use of ASL only (no voicing). This is to encourage the use and retention of American Sign Language. The students will also be expected/encouraged to do the same.