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Apologia: General Science, 7-8, 9:30

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Students must have completed the fall/first semester class

Seligson, Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition; Student Notebook for Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition; Quad Ruled Composition Notebook

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As a middle school instructor, the Socratic method will be used to allow students to participate in classroom discussions as well as pushing them to synthesize what they have read in a textbook, and we will incorporate hands on labs to bring the text to life. In the class, we will work to engage all students in a true survey of science class. The updated text is broken into 14 modules that start with the history of science and concludes with environmental science and creation. Within the text, we will explore earth science, chemistry, physics, life science, biology, marine biology and use the scientific method to deepen each student's understanding. Our goal is to help each student transition from elementary science to the high school sciences while teaching the fundamentals that will be necessary for their success in future science classes. Understanding that this is an academic class, the students will be tested every 2-3 weeks, and their notebooks will be reviewed as well. The class will be based on the Apologia text; however, we will use outside videos, experiments and activities to provide the best science experience for your student. As an educator, my goal is that each student will leave class with a desire to learn even more!