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Apparel Sewing, 4-12, 2:00

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Completion of Advanced Sewing class or equivalent sewing experience (contact to see if your child is ready for this class)

1) A working sewing Machine with the user guide

  • if you can’t find the user guide, you should be able to look it up online and print it out

  • if you aren’t sure if your machine is in working order, I’m happy to meet ahead of time to practice some sewing on it and ensure that your students won’t have any delays due to their machine. Text me at 863.370.1578 to set it up

  • If you want to get your machine serviced, I recommend Sewingly Yours or Triad Sew & Vac.

2) Sewing Tools: fabric scissors, fabric pins, seam ripper, hem gauge

It’s helpful to have a rolling tote. Office Depot has a basic rolling tote that will work or you can spend a little bit more on sewing tote at Wal-Mart/Hobby Lobby/Joanns

Text/Materials Required

Class Description

This is a class for students who have completed the advanced sewing class or have equivalent knowledge of sewing. In this class we’re going to learn how to take measurements of our bodies, how to find the appropriate sizing for garments, how to “blend” sizes based on our body shapes, how to lengthen/shorten patterns and how to upcycle clothes found at thrift stores to create a look all our own!

More info to come on projects and materials required for those.