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Beginning Sewing, 4-12, 1:00

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A desire to learn to sew!

Sewing Machine with the user guide (if you can’t find the user guide, you should be able to look it up online and print it out), fabric scissors, fabric pins, seam ripper, hem gauge. Project materials listed under description.

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Class Description

This is a class for students who have never used a sewing machine or for those who have, but still need assistance. In this class, we’re going to get to know our machines: how to thread them, change the needle and troubleshoot. We will learn how to sew a straight line, curved lines and corners so they can approach their projects with confidence. We will sew different projects that can inspire independent sewing at home

Project #1 – Envelope Pillow (1 yard of 100% cotton fabric, 18x18 pillow form, coordinating thread)

Project #2 – Tote (1 yard of canvas fabric, coordinating heavy duty thread)

Project #3 – Chapstick Keychain (Fat quarter or 1 yard of cotton fabric, keyring, coordinating thread)

Projects are able to be repeated and additional projects will be available should we have extra time.