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Beginning Wood Carving, Age 14+, 2:00

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Woodcarving, Revised and Expanded: Techniques & Projects for the First-Time Carver Paperback – October 1, 2013

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Introduction to Woodcarving will offer students the opportunity to be introduced to a fun hobby that they can enjoy and expand for the rest of their lives. They will learn the basics of wood carving including identification, use and care of associated tools and supplies. Students will also learn the carving characteristics of different types of woods and learn to make and follow patterns. They will be taught safety procedures for carving and learn to do three basic cuts. Students will also be introduced to finishing processes. They will be encouraged to create their own carving style and will complete the course with at least two finished carvings. Students will be provided with all the materials they need for carving. It will be necessary to work on projects outside of class to complete them in a timely manner. The main instructors are Will Crawford and Charles Griffin, however, additional carvers will present different skills in class.

Beginning Wood Carving Instructors:

Will Crawford, Stewart Hodges, Charles Hodges, and Carol Adair