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Bird is the Word, 2-3, 9:30

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Pocket Naturalist North Carolina Birds, TBA

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Students will sharpen their science skills as they observe, classify, and study local birds.  In addition learning about the anatomy and function of a bird’s body, we will use games and activities to build understanding of the special adaptations God gave them for survival.  We will plant seeds of  bird friendly native plant, study food chains and play a pollination game as we study bird ecology.  Geography will be incorporated as we participate in a citizen science hummingbird migration project. (see ).  Technology will be used as we learn to use the Merlin Bird ID app. (see Other activities will include a brief bird literature read aloud time (by the teacher), Bible memory verses, owl pellet examination and making a keepsake bird journal.  The semester will culminate with a Saturday morning guided bird watch at Tanglewood.  Parents, students and siblings are invited to participate in a specially tailored bird walk lead by local Audubon members.  If nature cooperatess we will see a great blue heron nesting colony among lots of other birds we have studied during the semester.