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Computer Science, 6-12, 9:30 Tu

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Saffer, D


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Class Description

This class covers PC basic hardware fundamentals with the latest advancements in computer technology. Hardware components are defined and their functions are explained. Software is explained at its most basic level to show how a computer calculates, communicates, and makes decisions in relation to the hardware.


Students will specify components for a computer with a budget in mind as part of a PC Specification project. Experience will be gained using an online ordering system. The class will cover building a computer, installing operating systems, troubleshooting, repairs and upgrades, virus removal, and system burn-in.


Students will review online references for troubleshooting tips. Flow chart PC troubleshooting with hands-on experience will be included in this course. Each PC hardware item specified in the PC Specification Project will include a troubleshooting lecture.

The Windows operating system and other Windows based applications will be covered. Other topics covered will include the PC BIOS, Windows updates, device drivers, networking, PC defense (from the perils of the internet), audio/video applications, internet music, CD burning, E-mail, Windows configuration, Windows troubleshooting, etc.