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Drama, 6-12, 1:00, Tu

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Drama helps people learn to communicate, think on their feet, present themselves well, better express emotions, build empathy, and develop talents. This course is for middle and high school students. I will teach the basics of theater (stage directions, diction, characters, framing, scene development, comedy, etc), focusing on the art of improvisation and the four rules of improvs, which are:

1) Show me; don’t tell me, 2) Yes, And, 3) Be believable, and 4) Play the moment/Be true to your character.

Students will learn scene development: how to start, develop, and end a scene. The class will be entirely hands on, with the students learning through developing scenes, playing drama games, and performing for their classmates.

**Note that drama 1 can be repeated as many times as desired. The lessons vary from semester to semester, and mastering the basics takes years to achieve.