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Drawing Technique, 6-12, 2:00

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Drawing Technique Spring Semester is a continuation of drawing technique Fall Semester.  New students are welcomed, but we will be resuming where we left off Fall Semester.  All we will do is draw! Each week students will need to complete the drawing either in class or at home. If it is a continuing drawing for class, they will receive a drawing assignment for home. This class is designed to help build skill. To build skill you must practice and know simple rules of drawing. We will learn to better use graded pencils, use drawing mannequins, learn facial proportions, draw in class realistic eyes, realistic hands and feet, draw in 1,2,and 3 point perspective, gesture drawings and much more!  New Students will receive given a set of graded pencils and a drawing tube to transport drawings.  Continuing students will receive a drawing board, pencils as they wear out for their set, plus erasers, and white pencils.