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Drawing Technique, 6-12, 9:30 Tu

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All we do is draw!   We will draw in class, and we will draw at home.  There will be teacher lead drawings in class or introductions to drawing concepts or techniques.  Things that we will work on are figure drawings, action drawings, still-lifes and more.  Sometimes, I take request from students, homeschool is so cool like that.  Students are expected to practice outside of class.  The sketchbooks that I give students will be exchanged every week.  It is important not to forget your sketchbooks.  Sketchbooks will have numbers which we will pull from a hat.  That will be the sketchbook that you take home and do a sketch or piece of artwork in.  It will be different most weeks.  This is about sharing art (which is my favorite part of art) and practicing to build skill!  I am excited about this new way to share our art and ideas!  Students will be given a set of colored pencils, a small set of graded pencils, and a sketchbook.  Other materials will be given in class as needed.