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Elementary Spanish, 4-5, 12:00

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The Everything Kids Learning Spanish Book (2nd edition) by Cecilia I. Sojo (September 16, 2010) • ISBN-13: 978-1440506765 and Easy Spanish Step-By-Step (1st edition) by Barbara Bregstein ISBN-13: 978-0071463386

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This class is a basic introduction to Spanish which will include learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, animals, food, clothes, and lots of other vocabulary.  Students will also learn parts of speech, common phrases, and work on mastering essential grammar.   We'll read some interesting stories and enjoy other fun activities such as games, songs, and puzzles which will help keep the students engaged and encourage skill mastery.    Some social studies will be included so that students can learn about different Spanish-speaking countries and their culture.  This is going to be a fun learning experience and students will be encouraged to practice as much as possible outside of the classroom which can help other friends and family members learn some Spanish as well.

Note: No new students in spring semester