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Essay/Research, 9-12, 12:00

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The Elegant Essay – Building Blocks for Analytical Writing by Lesha Myers (student book only), 3rd edition, March 2011 IBSN: 978-0-9779860-1-9 (available from $29.00) Please note that when searching the IEW website for this book, it is best to search using the author’s name.

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The Elegant Essay walks student through the entire essay-building process.  From thesis statements to transitions, introductions, and conclusions, students will learn the building blocks of a well-crafted essay.  The student book includes instruction, practice exercises, and modeling.  After practicing the elements of an essay, students apply all they have learned by completing three essay assignments (1 essay every 4 weeks of the semester).  With clear explanations and practice, The Elegant Essay is an excellent extension and refinement of the essay writing process.  The textbook is consumable.