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Experiments & Explosions, 2-3, 1:00

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Experiments and Explosions will be a 26 week long program (students can choose to take one semester or both) but experiments will not repeat so there is 26 weeks of information.  In this class we will explore a scientist of the week in our scientist notebooks (5-10mins), record a weather and nature journal entry each week (5-7 mins), memorize a fun science fact (5 mins), and then spend  time (10-15mins) introducing a science topic from the areas of biology, chemistry, astronomy, genetics, Earth science, anatomy, physics and/or microbiology.  Each class will include at least one fun science experiment and sometimes two (15-20mins)!  Students will learn team work, the scientific method, and how to carefully design a hypothesis and conclusion.  Experiments will include some Explosions.  The goal of this class is to create a love of learning and more importantly, a love for science--- which is why we will explore a ton of topics and not limit ourselves to just one area of science.  Experiments will be taught in an organized manner with students knowing what materials they are using, preparing the experiment as if they are scientists themselves, carefully observing and discussing what happens, and cleaning up their messes!