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French I, 9-12, 12:00 Tu

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Memoria Press First Start French: First Start French: Level 1 Student Edition (required), First Start French: Level One Pronunciation CD (recommended), First Start French: Level 2 Student Edition (required), and First Start French: Level Two Pronunciation CD(recommended).

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French is la belle langue (the beautiful language) so let’s learn French! French is spoken throughout the world: in France, Belgium, and their former colonies in the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. It is an international language spoken at multilateral organizations like the UN. Learning a foreign language enables a student to gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of another culture. But mostly it’s fun! To progress in a foreign language does require a daily commitment and perseverance. The students will use multiple written and online sources to learn to read, write, and speak French.  We will use Memoria Press First Start French (a program geared for middle school homeschoolers) but at 2 lessons a week, it’s definitely an Honors level course. I studied French for years and passed my proficiency in French at Georgetown University. I intend to conduct the class in French, as soon and as much as possible.