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IEW A, 4-5, 12:00

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Semester 1, IEW-A

Textbook printed by teacher - cost included in supply fee

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North Carolina History-Based Writing Lessons

This edition of North Carolina Facts, Fun, Geography, & History-Based Writing Lessons offers writing topics that explore the famous NC citizens, unique NC terrain, exciting entertainment, and wonderful landmarks.  This year-long course teaches IEW’s structural units 1 – 9 in order; elements of style are introduced gradually.  The words, chosen to work easily in the writing assignments, expand students’ vocabularies and add sophistication to their compositions.  Good composition requires good grammar.  In this course, grammar is imbedded.  Acquiring facts about the state of North Carolina while learning to write well has never been more enjoyable!

To continue our study of writing from the fall semester, this spring we will be covering Units 5 – 9.

NOTE:  This textbook will be printed by the teacher since it has not been published.  The supply fee paid in the fall semester will cover this cost.