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IEW B, 6-8, 10:00 Tu

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Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons (student book only), 5th edition, January 2019 IBSN: 978-1-62341-313-2 (available from $29.00)

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Knights, Vikings, kings, and famous men of the Middle Ages come to life as students learn to write with structure and style.  In addition to learning to write, students will improve their knowledge of medieval times from the Anglo-Saxons to the Renaissance and from chivalrous knights to Genghis Khan.  This theme-based writing curriculum offers a full year of instruction for students in grades 6 through 8.  Working through all of IEW’s Units 1 – 9, student learn to take notes, retell narrative stories, summarize references, write from pictures, compose essays, and more.  This textbook includes vocabulary cards, literature suggestions, and access to helpful PDF downloads.

We will cover Units 1 – 5 during fall semester.  Units 6 – 8 will be covered during spring semester.  Once I determine the pace I’ll be able to have with the class, I hope we will actually cover through Unit 9 in spring semester.

NOTE:  The Student Resource Packet (srp-e) is a necessary component of this course.  This supplemental resource is included with your purchase as an e-book for you to download.  We will be using this throughout the year.  As we approach a new concept, I will ask for you to print the needed pages for your student.