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Money Matters, 6-8, 1:00

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Money Matters for Teens (New Edition paperback book). Money Matters for Teens Workbook (11-14)

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Students will learn the precepts of economics and stewardship.  We will survey topics including how banks work, reconciling a checkbook, borrowing, loans, spending wisely, how to make money, how to plan for things, and more.  The course will focus on Biblical principles of good stewardship not only from the angle of finances, but also from our time and God given abilities. Students will work through hands on workbook activities that will enhance their learning in “real life” scenarios.  Students will be guided to think about finances in an effort to develop and encourage independence and productivity.  

The course will require a paperback book “Money Matters for Kids” new ed. by Larry Burkett and the “Money Matter Workbook”