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More Metal & Leather, 6-12, 9:30

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New and returning students welcome; projects will not be repeated from last semester

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In this class, students will learn to do new and exciting things with leather and metal, separately and together, to create objects that are both functional and beautiful. Students will work with aluminum and copper, and several different types of leather, including vegetable tanned and commercially dyed. We’ll learn some basic stitching and leather-molding construction techniques. We will explore different ways of texturing metal, including (but not limited to) hammer textures, rolling mill patterns, stamping, and etching. These metals will be combined in different ways with leather, which students will manipulate by cutting, stamping, tooling, painting, and dyeing. Snaps and rivets will continue to be a part of our construction and decoration process, and we’ll learn to construct straps and use other types of fastenings.


As always, I teach techniques, and work with the students as they design their own projects using those techniques. Any student can therefore make their project as manly or feminine as they wish.