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NC History, 4-5, 2:00

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● America the Beautiful North Carolina 3rd series by Ann Heinrichs/Scholastic. (purchase on Amazon new or used)

ISBN-13: 978-0-531-22917-0

ISBN-10: 0-531-22917-3

● 1 ½ inch 3-ring binder of any color with a plastic sleeve cover. *This will be their NC Notebook keepsake, so please buy new or gently used.


● 1 pack of 50 or more plastic sheet protectors for their binder


● Art Box/Bag including colored pencils/regular pencils, 2 black ultra fine point Sharpie markers/pens, double-sided tape and/or glue stick, and scissors.

Text/Materials Required

Class Description

In this year-long, hands-on academic class students will study topics of North Carolina’s geography, wildlife, history, government, culture/arts, transportation, and much more! We will notebook our way through the year creating a North Carolina forever keepsake book. The final NC Notebook becomes a real treasure! Some of the activities in and outside of class will include researching, mapping, current events, report writing, oral presentations, art projects, games, and food! Your child may need assistance navigating the internet and gathering supplies for projects completed at home.