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Do you need assistance navigating the high school transcript process?

Are you afraid of college applications?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing a transcript and other forms for your student?

You can do it.


In fact, you can do it better than anyone else. You know your student better than any other teacher/counselor. Think of all you and your student have done, all that he/she has learned in your homeschool journey together.  In fact, college application time is your opportunity to highlight his or her stellar qualities and inimitable narrative. You also have the opportunity to use the extra documentation required by many colleges to best present your student and optimally complement the items the student submits in order to tell a compelling story about your student. During 6 sessions, Pati Goldin, a homeschool mom for many years, will share her knowledge of completing a high school transcript--what to include, how to credit your child's courses, how to appeal to college admissions personnel, etc.  


Distilling information collected from both Ivy and non-Ivy admissions staff, this class will provide parent/counselors the foundation to showcase your student. After 15 years of homeschooling, Pati graduated her fourth student, who started university this past fall. All four of her high school graduates were accepted to competitive universities, all qualified for merit scholarships and honors programs/colleges, and the two, who played their chosen sport at the college level, successfully navigated the additional documentation and paperwork requirements stipulated by the NCAA. She is passionate about supporting homeschoolers’ successful entry from high school into college.


Requirements for each documentation element will be discussed. Examples will be provided to emulate. Any parent produced materials will be reviewed and evaluated during the semester for content and substance. The following topics are covered sequentially - Planning the High School Course of Study, Determining and Measuring Credit Hours, Explanation of Common Standardized Tests in High School, Different College Application Documentation Requirements, Common App College Application Documentation, School Profile, Counselor Recommendation, and Transcript (1 and 2 page).