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Photo 1/Yearbook, 6-12, 10:30

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Must have taken creative photo or photo class in the past via STEM, or any outside photo experience with approval by instructor. Younger students may register if they have had creative photography or photo class at STEM.

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STEM is offering its very first yearbook class and committee, so exciting!  Students will be required to have previous photo experience and a DSLR camera or equivalent to truly take part in the class.  Students will be creating a yearbook from scratch, with instructor guidance and oversight, using an online template tool.  Students will be responsible for the yearbook from start to finish, including but not limited to: creating fun pages, sharing student life through pictures, photographing class time, photographing and compiling instructor interviews, organizing information into an aesthetically pleasing layout, learning design techniques from placement to color to graphics, creating flyers for yearbook sales.  This class will not only build on photo expertise but allow students to have freedom sharing student life through pictures.  Each student will have a yearbook committee badge and will see the fruition of their hard work at the end of the semester.  Outside work for this class will include uploading pictures to an instructor provided portal and willingness to photograph any homeschool related extracurricular sports outside of STEM if the student will be in attendance anyway.  The goal is to highlight our STEM faculty and students while having fun and learning valuable skills and techniques.  This class will involve teamwork.