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Research through Guided Inquiry, 6-8, 9:30

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In today’s world, where information can be accessed by the click of a button, teaching students to ask great questions, evaluate sources, decipher what information is useful, and find relevant answers is crucial. Developing great research skills makes for independent, responsible, life-long learners!

In Research through Guided Inquiry, students complete an entire research project, including a paper and presentation, each semester. Students select their own topics from within a big-picture idea we study as a class.

Throughout the course, students walk through the
Guided Inquiry Design research model to complete the research project. They:

  • Immerse      in a big-picture idea that serves as the theme for their inquiry;

  • Explore      potential topics to discover what peaks their interests;

  • Identify      a research question that will guide their study;

  • Gather      relevant information from diverse sources;

  • Synthesize      that information into a product that will be shared to benefit others; and

  • Evaluate      their research and learning experiences.