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Research through Guided Inquiry, 6-8, 9:30

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We love our iPhones and the fact that we can Google any question we've ever had, but in an age where information is so readily available, it's easy to become overwhelmed when trying to conduct deep research. Research through Guided Inquiry will help students establish a foundation for higher level, research-based courses by teaching reading strategies, building information literacy, and developing questioning and communication skills.


In our first semester, students will seek to answer the question: Technology: Trash or Treasure? Students will dive into the pros and cons of technology by collaboratively examining a variety of sources, including literature, non-fiction texts, documentaries, interviews, and more. Throughout the course, students will walk through the Guided Inquiry Design research model to complete a research project. They will:

·         explore potential topics to discover what peaks their interests;

·         identify a research question based on a current technology (or one that is being  developed);

·         gather relevant information from diverse sources about what the technology is and the impact it has/will have on society;

·         synthesize that information into a product that will be shared to benefit others;

·         evaluate their research and learning experiences.