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      STEM of the Triad - Study Hall Rules & Guidelines

Parents of Study Hall students: Please read over these guidelines with your student(s) so they are aware of what is expected of them during their Study Hall hour(s).

1. There will be NO cell phones and/or any sort of gaming devices allowed in Study Hall. These devices will be taken away for the remainder of the day if pulled out. An mp3 player with earplugs for listening to music or audio books will be the only exception. **High School Students : iPad or laptop usage for assignments, studying, or for online class-work will be allowed with prior approval. Please notify the Study Hall monitor for this approval before the start of each semester.

2. Each student will need to bring something to occupy their time with during their one hour stay. For example: bring a book to read, school work, drawing pad with pencils, coloring book & crayons, knitting/crocheting projects, Solitaire card game, or any other quiet busy work to occupy yourself with for the ENTIRE hour.

3. Students will need to respect each other and may not behave in a manner that would upset other students. Remember to be kind, courteous, and respectful!

4. Space may be limited depending on the number of students in Study Hall during your scheduled time frame. So be mindful of others and their personal space.

5. Please use the bathroom before coming to Study Hall. There will be a limit to one bathroom break during the hour, in which students may go to the restroom one-at-a-time. A quick “there and back” will suffice. Roaming or goofing around in the halls or bathrooms WILL NOT be allowed.

6. Any and all issues or violations will be brought to the attention of the STEM Director and a Parent will be called immediately. Please refer to your STEM of the Triad guidelines for a more detailed explanation of our expectation for your student(s) while they are here learning and having fun at STEM.

Jana Murray
Study Hall and Absentee Monitor




High School Study Hall Approval Form       2020-2121


Dear Parents and High School Study Hall Students,

We at STEM of the Triad understand that high school students attending study hall will need to utilize their time wisely by completing assignments and/or preparing for classes during study hall hours. We also realize that some students need to use a laptop or iPad when completing these tasks, such as using Word for writing papers or Math CDs for completing math lessons.

Laptops and iPads will be permitted during study hall hours for school purposes only ! We are trusting our high school STEM students to use their best judgment when using their laptops and/or iPads. Breaking this agreement will result in losing the right to use these devices during study hall.

Read the bullet points below, sign, and return this form to the study hall monitor in order to use a laptop or an iPad during study hall hours. Thank you for your cooperation!

● I agree to use my iPad and/or laptop for school purposes only.
● I will not use my iPad or laptop anywhere else at STEM Co-op unless      given permission from another teacher.
● I understand that cell phones and gaming devices are not allowed in study hall.


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