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2-3 Down Home on the Farm



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Did you know horses need their teeth floated? How fast can a pig run a mile? How many miles of yarn can 1 pound of sheep wool make? Is a baseball made of wool? How many pounds of milk are produced in a year in America? Which state grows the most mushrooms? How about potatoes? Sunflowers?

Join us in Down Home on the Farm this year as we deep dive into all aspects of farming/homesteading in order to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the different pieces of farming/homesteading with animals as well as with agriculture. This is a year-long class as content will be spread out across both semesters allowing opportunity to explore and experience each of the topics fully. Hands-on activities will include working with live animals, working with wool, take-home products, creating and completing an entire notebook focused on each of the topics learning about, project-based learning (mostly completed at STEM with occasional homework), and more. Topics to include: machines (simple and mechanical), livestock, gardening, working dogs, equine, birds, survival skills, bees, flowers, rodents, bugs, fiber products, and so much more! There’s so much to more to farming/homesteading than meets the eye!

*Classes will be differentiated for the 2/3 class and the 4/5 class. Topics will be the same; however, activities, content, and products will vary and will be age/grade level appropriate.

**This class will be more in-depth than Farm to Table.


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