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2-5 PE



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We will attempt to build body awareness, balance and basic sports knowledge through sports specific drills and games. Participation is EXPECTED to each child level of ability. Children will often be in grouped of 2-4 to learn concepts and skills. Being a good learning partner means: Giving your partner the chance to complete each drill at their own pace and to their level of ability. Not always playing defence in drills thus taking away the opportunity for another to become familiar with or master an idea or skill. There will be plenty of class competition time too. Sharing equal time with your partner. Offer advice, not criticism. Encourage each other. Units subject to change based on weather, availability of equipment, class participation and skill level. We will be outside if at all possible, which means almost every time! Send children in weather appropriate clothings including a jacket. Layers are good as they tend to shed them as they become active. We fill water bottles before leaving the building. Students are not allowed to return to the building once we leave. Please send a water bottle large enough to hydrate your child for 1 hour of outside play in sometimes hot weather.


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