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4-5 Elementary Math Review


Saffer, H

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This class will review basic fundamentals of elementary level math and prepare students for pre-algebra and basic geometry. This class should not be the sole math curriculum for the student, but rather reinforce key concepts with repetition, gimmicks, visual aids, worksheets, projects, and more. It is an assessment course for parents’ knowledge of their child’s mastery of elementary level math concepts and will give parents an idea of which topics need more attention in the math curriculum. Students have a better chance of succeeding in higher math courses if they are prepared and know the fundamentals by rote. Homework packets will be assigned weekly, reinforcing that day’s instruction, and will be graded by the instructor. Occasional projects will be both math-oriented and artistic in nature. There are no quizzes or tests in this course, but it is considered an academic course thereby following the academic class policy.


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