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6-12 Video Editing



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Throughout the duration of the Video Editing course, the students will be learning how to use editing software and develop skills that they will be able to use for fun or in a professional field. Within this class, the students will become familiar with shooting footage on their devices and creating short films. They will learn different effects that can be used and how music can drastically change the tone of their video. The goal of this class is to spark the imagination of the student by having them create stories. 

This is a semester based course and if your child has edited before or has taken this class before, we tailor to each student at their level and different project files are used for the semester finale. Most of the time it is footage that Corbin and I are currently working on, this way we are able to work hand in hand with the students.


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A computer or smartphone can edit. If student has a preferred software, then that is great, if not, we will help them to find one.