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6-8 Environmental Print



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Ever wonder about the choices you make for clothing and food that you want? How about school supplies brands or the tennis shoe you want? Think you’re an individual; that all thoughts and choices are your own? Think again! Environmental print surrounds us and shapes the choices we make from medicines we take to the type of Ramen noodles your mom buys at the store. Come and explore this middle school history elective and learn how environment print shapes our lives (and brains!) and learn the history of it all!

Students need to be ready to take notes and be ready to have lively discussions about how environment shapes our lives. Students will present a 5 to 7 min presentation creating a product and the how they would use environmental print to advertise it (last 2 weeks of semester). This project is to assess if the student has learned about how environmental print shapes our world and give them an opportunity to do some public speaking within that understanding. I also hope that discussions will help widen how a student views the world and give them the tools verbally show what they are learning.


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