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6-8 Story Telling through Gaming



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Do you love to play games? Board Games? Card Games? Video Games? RPGs? Then this is the class for you! The human brain is designed to respond to narrative, which is why everything from marketing to entertainment strives to tell a good story. We might not think about it, but even the games we play are filled with storytelling! This class will allow students to explore the elements of story through gameplay, and will teach complex literary and plot devices within a context already familiar to many students. Throughout the class, we will play, discuss, and explore different games, diving into their histories, identifying the narrative and literary elements within them, and analyzing how these story elements have affected the popularity of games over time. Some games that may be included/discussed are Chess, Monopoly, Life, Old Maid, Minecraft, Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, and table-top Role Play Games. As a final project, students will design their own games anchored in an original story.


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