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8-9 Physical Science



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As an academic high school science class, the study of Physical Science will allow us to learn about how we relate to God's creation and the physical laws with which we interact. This class provides an overview of the basic concepts of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science, and in class we will perform hands on demonstrations of concepts as well as learning from discussions crafted using the socratic method. Students will be expected to prepare for every class prior to arrival, as well as completing their student notebooks. In addition, there will be regular tests that are administered at home to preserve our instructional time in class. Lab reports will be required, and a formal lab report will be required for most modules. Concepts included in our study will include atomic structure, physical and chemical changes, the periodic table, chemical bonds, reactions and energy as well as studying motion, forces, energy and light. We will also discuss how chemical and physical science intersect with life sciences. Please note that the parent is still the primary teacher, and a student's success will be enhanced by parental oversight. At the heart of our study, it is my hope that each student will desire to explore concepts on their own, as science is a wonderful area for them to explore and grow in their knowledge and understanding of the incredible world around them.



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Dincher, Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition; Student Notebook for Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition

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3rd Edition

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