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HS Biology



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This course will introduce students to biology from a perspective that life is brilliantly designed. The Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology text will be used as a basic guide, altered and supplemented at the discretion of the instructor. The course will be divided into 2 semesters, the first introducing the scientific method, cell biology, the chemistry of life, cellular reproduction, and genetics; the second semester will include an overview of the characteristics of organisms from various kingdoms and phyla, an introduction to ecology, and a discussion of origins, touching on arguments supporting evolutionary theory vs. design. Class meetings will be 90 minutes each week and will include labs as well as lectures that emphasize explanations of more complex topics. Additional online video lectures via Zoom may be offered as topics require. Students will be expected to read the textbook, complete written assignments, watch short youtube videos, and take tests at home. A traditional grading scale (90-100%=A, etc) will be used for written homework, lab reports, and assessments. For full marks, students need to be able to memorize information but also to apply the scientific method and explain mechanisms and concepts behind biological phenomena. Additionally, assignments should be completed thoroughly and neatly as appropriate for one who values their work.


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Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology

Textbook Edition

2nd Edition

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ISBN-13: 978-1932012545, ISBN-10: 1932012540

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3-ring binder with lined paper and a bound composition notebook (for labs)