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HS Consumer Math



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Consumer Math helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need to successfully handle their personal finances. Topics include developing a budget, borrowing money, purchasing large items such as home or car, filing taxes, and planning a vacation. Each topic will include real life scenarios (case studies) that deepen the student's knowledge beyond just textbook learning.


Textbook Title (if required)

BJU   Press Consumer Math Student Edition (3rd Edition, published in 2021) ISBN-13: 9781628566413. Possible Required Text: Instructor is   reviewing the BJU Assessments companion and may require this text. A decision   will be made as soon as possible.

Textbook Edition

3rd Edition, published in 2021

Textbook ISBN

ISBN-13: 9781628566413

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Instructor will provide printouts of any resources used outside of text book. Students may be required to use free websites as supplement to research topics. Bob Jones does refer to a scientific calculator, but offers an alternative way to use the textbook with standard calculator (so this is up to your family to purchase).