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Grade K-1 Fall 2022

Maria Hanna 


Each week I will be reading a children’s math concept book to the class. The children will then participate in extension activities which pertain to the concepts presented in the book. I will incorporate movement or exercise activities into each lesson. During some sessions we will have stations set up to explore a variety of math concept and manipulative activities. There will be a few lessons which will involve the use and consumption of food. (This class will be different material than what was taught during the 2021-2022 school year.) 

Science Explorations 

Students will explore various science topics through hands-on activities and exploration. Students will be exposed to biology, earth science, physics and chemistry. There will be components of literature and journals, music, art, and current events, as they connect with our topics. Students will use their senses as much as possible as we explore God’s amazing creation. 

Angel Hinman 

Stories & Skills 1&2 

We will explore popular stories and characters, the basic parts of speech, tricks to help with reading, and work to strengthen emerging reader skills. 

Reduce Reuse Recycle we will make crafts and play with…trash! We’ll learn all the many ways in which our earth can benefit from a gentle approach to waste and work on making the environment a better place. 

In Nature Art we will focus on making art with a natural influence or we will create art with nature itself. We’ll also be learning all about the natural world! 


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