Each class has its own individual class price/fee which can be found on the class description.

Fees (per semester)

  • The Registration Fee (per family) of $50 is non-refundable.

  • The Facility Fee is $10 per class with a maximum of $50 per family.

  • The Volunteer Opt-Out Fee is $100 and may be paid in lieu of volunteering.

  • The Study Hall Fee is $25 per semester hour per student and may be used if the student has a gap in the schedule AND the parent not be on campus to supervise the student.

FALL Fees may either be paid in FULL at registration OR according to the following schedule:

        Half due at time of registration.

        Balance due May 31.

SPRING Fees may either be paid in FULL at registration OR according to the following schedule:

        Half due at time of registration.

        Balance due January 1.

Students enrolled in fall classes will have first priority for class enrollment in the spring.

Registrations submitted on or after the balance due date will require payment in full at the time of confirmation.

Earlier registrations with an unpaid balance as of the due date may be cancelled and fees refunded accordingly to allow for students on the waiting lists.