Instructor Biographies

Misty Causey

Misty Causey received her science degree from ECPI University in Greensboro. She worked several years in the medical field before she started homeschooling her daughter. She’s been a homeschool teacher for 6 years. Misty is currently obtaining her elementary education degree from Salem College. She’s expected to graduate in August. Meanwhile, she tutors kids and substitutes at local schools. Her passion is helping kids learn and grow in their academic studies. 

Cynthia Cox

Cynthia Cox earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Minor in Computer Science and Music from UNCG.  She programmed for AT&T Technologies--Federal Systems prior to having her two children.  Cynthia became a mom in 1995.  Her family began home schooling in 2006.  Her son graduated from Lee University in 2017, and her daughter attends Elon University where she plays golf for the Phoenix.  Cynthia completed her class room work in 2014, to earn her status as a Registered Instructor with IEW.

Will Crawford

Gabriel Kulits

Tim Trudgeon

I am an educator with 39 years of professional experience.  I taught high school science for 10 years and I served at the middle and high school level principalship for 10 years.  After serving as principal I was a Central Office Employment Specialist for two years and then I served as a school Superintendent for 17 years before I retired.


I have been carving for two and a half years and I love the creative challenge and the discovery of many fascinating things that can be created using a block of wood.  It’s a relaxing and rewarding endeavor and hobby.

Tim Trudgeon or “Trudge” has carved wood since he learned from his Grandfather as a Cub Scout.  Upon retiring from the Federal Government in 2003, he started carving full time and started selling his carvings and performing  commission work.  After moving to Davie County in 2004, Tim started teaching wood carving through his activity in several wood carving clubs.  He has also instructed carving courses since 2017 at the Sawtooth School for Visual Arts.  His experience in teaching has been with adults as well as youth.  Trudge is the lead instructor for this course with several other talented carvers who will assist in the instruction.  His carvings can be seen on his web site:

Allison Davis

Allison received her first Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Education from Ball State University.  While in college, she was privileged to interpret for various speakers including former Miss America Heather Whitestone, lecturers, comedians (Carrot Top), singers, and other performances.  She volunteered as a counselor at Indiana Deaf Camp for many years.  She also has a Master’s Degree from UNCG in Learning Disabilities/ Mild-Moderate Disabilities.  Allison taught Deaf/ HH/ LD for 10 years in Winston Salem Forsyth Public Schools.  Allison received her second Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from UNCG.  She has homeschooled her children for the last 4 years. Allison lives by the philosophy that learning a second language not only has academic benefit but it helps children and adults alike develop an appreciate for other cultures.  

DJ Dierking

DJ Dierking is a Senior in high school who has been participating in robotics for the past 5 years.  He has three years of student and one year of mentor experience on a homeschool FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team at the Greensboro Science Center.  Each year at the Science Center his team advanced to the State Tournament.  This past year he coached the FLL team at STEM and their team won the Gracious Professionalism award and advanced to the State Tournament.  As a member of a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team the past two years, he was Lead Programmer and Driver.  His team has been successful winning their qualifying, state, and World subdivision tournament in Houston this past season.  This season he has been nominated by his FRC team for the Dean’s List Leadership Award Competition.  He has had experience working with the LEGO WeDo, LEGO PowerFunctions, LEGO Mindstorms, VEX IQ, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and National Instruments roboRio.

Caroline Fleischer

Caroline holds a B.S in Homes Economics Education and an M.A. in Family and Consumer Sciences Education from Appalachian State University. She taught Family and Consumer Sciences classes in private and public schools for 10 years before staying home with her two boys who are 8 and 10 years. She has had 35 years of sewing experience which includes 4-H club sewing competitions, costuming for the Shakespeare Festival in High Point and Guilford College in Greensboro, working in an alteration shop and drapery shop, and making her own wedding dress. She has taught ages five through adulthood how to sew and considers it her passion.

Jennifer Flippin

Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education and went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Education.  After many amazing adventures as a backpacking instructor, she decided to center her career a bit more as a counselor working with youth.  Jennifer has experience working with special needs children, as well as students in a traditional public school and alternative school settings.  During her years of counseling, she was blessed to work with homeschool families and learn many interesting philosophies of home education.  In addition, to many adventures in the wilderness, she and her husband embarked on an adventure in farming.  Their family grew much of their own produce and opened an in-home bakery.  They would pack up each Saturday with four kids in tow and sell goods at a local farmer’s market.  Their whole family became well versed in raising chickens, caring for a garden, and baking fresh milled breads.  Though they no longer live on a farm, they continue to love sharing their experience and knowledge with others.  Jennifer loves traveling and seeking ways to integrate a hands on approach to teaching her four sons at home.  Jennifer loves experiential learning and has found that raising boys takes a lot of experiencing things and getting your hands dirty. 

Doris Gatewood

Doris began flying 25 years ago as a high school student and continued on to earn her FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot certificates as well as a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics and Aviation Safety. Her professional career started with  teaching people to fly in small aircraft/general aviation in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, then she flew Jetstream turboprops and Canadair Regional Jets for United Express and Independence Air up and down the east coast and Midwest (based out of Washington Dulles) as well as corporate jet experience in Cessna Citations across the U.S. After a brief hiatus due to having three children in less than two years (singleton then twins!) Doris returned to local flight instruction where she eventually became the Chief Flight Instructor for a popular flight school. Adventure took the family of 5 away to Alaska for a couple of years where Doris enjoyed exploring the beautiful state by flying for a small airline called Raven Alaska. When her husband Ron accepted a government job opportunity as FAA Aviation Maintenance Safety Inspector in Greensboro, NC, the family returned to the east coast in 2017. About a year later, Doris took a part time position with Flight Safety International as a HondaJet pilot instructor which satisfies her passion for aviation and allows her to fulfill her other passion of homeschooling her three daughters.

Odessa Gordon

Odessa runs Artbuggy Studio from her home--teaching classes for all ages and creating fine art. She worked for five years in public school and has taught various workshops, classes, college courses, and camps.  She is a stay-at-home mom of two boys and a teacher artist. Odessa earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education with a Minor in Chemistry and a Master of Fine Arts from Radford University. “Art is my passion. The students are my blessings. There is no place that I would rather be than to be sharing art.”

Renee Greene

Renee Greene directed, choreographed, and ran Showtime Performers, a group that produced original musical comedies, for twenty years. She taught drama for eight years, and worked professionally as a performer at the Carolina Renaissance Festival for four or five seasons. She had eight years of drama lessons herself, and she grew up around the theater, so her list of shows she has acted in is extensive. She has worked every aspect of tech, including composing music. She has a masters degree in mathematics from Wake Forest University. She has been homeschooling for twenty years, as she has seven children. She also is an avid writer who has used her knowledge of character development, drama curve, plot development, etc, to write over thirty novels, about a dozen young reader books, and a workbook for homeschoolers to learn to write novels. She has the odd hobby of spinning fire poi.

Keri Griffin

Keri Griffin earned her Associate of Applied Science degree from Lake Michigan College and then went on to graduate from Michigan State University as an LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technician).  Keri has been tutoring high school and college level students from homeschools and public schools for over 10 years.  She has taught a variety of subjects through Classical Conversations, Wyant Tutoring, and Aristotle Tutoring.  She is the owner and director of Aristotle Tutoring ( and is available for private tutoring.  Keri homeschooled her two sons through high school and still loves to teach.  “I enjoy watching comprehension grow in my students.  It is exciting unlocking those ‘I get it’ moments – when eyes light up, possibilities unfold, and confidence is born.”  In her spare time, she likes to read, attend Bible Study Fellowship, kayak, and take long motorcycle rides with her husband.

Kim Guilbeau

Kim has a degree in Recreation Administration & Outdoor Education from the University of Southern Mississippi, and has always considered herself a teacher without a classroom.  Kim found her passion for experiential education while leading groups of Girl Scouts, YMCA campers and groups of all ages and backgrounds, through high and low ropes courses from the swamps of Louisiana to the woods of Vermont.  She enjoys the challenge of pushing through the tough bits to get to the sweet rewards.  As a homeschooling mama in her fourth year, she finds herself in timeout less and savoring the sweet moments more, as her girls develop and pursue their very different interests.  She is grateful to be on this adventure with her husband, but still secretly dreams of running off to join the circus.

Maria Hanna

Maria Hanna graduated from Malone College in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Kindergarten through eighth grade, with a focus in Spanish.  She is wife to Terry of 25 years and mother to 4 sons and 2 daughters.    Maria taught first grade in a Christian school before their children were born.  With two graduates and four more kids in progress, homeschooling is an endurance journey which she trusts the LORD to help her accomplish.  Her hobbies are fitness and nutrition as well being active outside with family and friends.   She also uses her teaching skills and passion for exercise in her role as a group exercise instructor at the YMCA. 

Angel Hinman

Angel Hinman is a local homeschool mom of four boys. With a backround in reading, writing, art and dramaturgy, she brings passion for the written word and creativity to the classroom. Angel graduated from UNC with a BA in English Literature in 2010, and has since published a devotional titled Moments of JOY: Volume One, and is releasing Water Walk America in 2019. Her hobbies include design, travel, adventure and writing. 

Ali Haynes

Ali Haynes graduated from Appalachian State University as a Teaching Fellow with a BS in Art Education. She taught art in public schools for 4 years before returning to school herself to get her Graphic Design certification. Since then she has worked as a graphic artist, opened her own mural painting business, taught 10 summers at SummerQuest camp, directed her church Children's ministry, and raised three children. She currently works a vendor/designer/salesperson at Jane Made and Found in Kernersville and for Art Addiction of NYC. She is excited about returning to the classroom and sharing her creativity with students!

Dan Hudgins

Dan has been playing the guitar for more than 50 years and has taught for six years.  He currently teaches private lessons at Love That Music in Kernersville.

Hannah Mikelle Kelly

In 2009, at 11 years old, Hannah began directing cameras for “New Day”, a 30-minute television program which aired on Fox 8 for 52 weeks. She continued to direct cameras and began running video mixers for Central Triad Church later that year and continues still today. She graduated high school in 2015, at 16 years old, and began studying at Full Sail University in Florida. In 2017, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Media Communications from Full Sail University. During her collegiate studies, she earned a Course Directors Award, became a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and was named Salutatorian by the age of 19. She has also created production trailers, television commercials, and graphics for,, and Currently, she is the audio/video director for Good News which airs daily during the Good Morning America show on ABC45 as well as leads the internal media department of Central Triad Church.

Elias Kulits

Elias (senior) has been homeschooled his entire life. He has been creating LEGO films his LEGO collection for over ten years and has been sharing his knowledge about stop-motion through classes and camps for over five years. 

Rachel McGrath

Rachel has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Winthrop University in South Carolina. She has taught high school English, worked as an event planner, and worked as a graphic designer for a national non-profit organization. Rachel has three children, all of whom are educated at home. What began as “let’s give this a shot” has become a commitment of six years, with no end in sight. A lover of thick books, cozy blankets, singing while cooking, and growing things in dirt, homeschooling gives Rachel a chance to continually explore new subject areas. As a self-professed life-long-learner, Rachel aims to encourage her children and yours to find something new to learn every day.

Yvonne Morris

Yvonne has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics Education (7-12) and Deaf Education.  She also has a Master's in Instructional Technology.  She taught middle school and high school math for ten years and currently teaches on-line through North Carolina Virtual Public Schools.  She has two children and has homeschooled both of them for four years.  She loves to have fun while learning and seeing the light bulbs go off. 

Dot Perdue

Dot was the Handbell Director at Friedland Moravian Church for 23 years.   During that time, her choirs went to yearly youth festivals, adult festivals, and two international festivals: one in Florida and the other in Liverpool, England.  In addition, she has taken many handbell directing classes when attending director's conferences as well as a Master's Directing Class. Prior to directing, she rang bells for 15 years with Beck's Baptist Handbell Ministry which played for many events including events at The White House, The Biltmore House, the Director's Conference in Palm Springs, and regional and international festivals. She currently directs two handbell choirs--a homeschool group at Holy Family in Clemmons and one at Salemtowne Retirement Center.

Christie Ponjican

Christie is a community organizer, who is passionate about bringing people together. Her experience as the Director of Major Gifts at the Winston-Salem Arts Council and Senior Academy Coordinator (Helping Senior High Students graduate by pairing them with a community leader) at the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce, helped her see greater needs, locally. She loves organizing and equipping. After becoming a Foster Parent, the need for creating a safe place and establishing routines in a child’s life became a priority for Christie. She is a Guardian Ad Litem and has served as a Host Mom to French and Croatian Exchange Students recently. She seeks to raise compassionate, confident and creative children. As a first year homeschool Mom, she’s created a Jr. Engineering Club co-op that is exceeding her expectations, growing in number and excitement with each new week. She loves seeing imaginations at work and problems being solved in new and inventive ways.

Amy Rose

As a public school educator for 14+ years (middle school classroom), online NCVPS teacher (high school English), and an adjunct professor at UNCG for the Educational Research and Methodology Department, Amy has a background in all levels of teaching from Kindergarten to college. Amy has five children and currently homeschools the youngest two.  She loves to find ways to bring the learning alive for students and let them still be kids, having fun in the process.

Dwight Saffer

Dwight earned his BSEE from Virginia Tech in 1983.  He worked as an engineer for 10 years.  In 1993 he founded Logic Services, Inc, a computer and industrial control company, which he still runs today from his home office.  In addition to homeschooling his two children for 12+ years, he also teaches robotics, computers, and programming at the EMMA classes in Greensboro.  He also spent a semester as a Mechatronics instructor at GTCC.  Dwight has a love for computers, robotics, and teaching his trade to techies such as himself. 

Hayley Saffer

Hayley has a Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management from Virginia Tech.  In addition to the food industry, her passions in the academic world are English and math.  She is a private math tutor and has taught for 20+ years including her own children and her EMMA students in Greensboro. 

Stan Toney

Stan has spent most of his career in Information Technology after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He also taught physics, chemistry, computer technology, and mathematics for a Christian school in Callaway, MD, before moving to NC. Stan has coached both elementary and middle/high school robotics teams that each won several judged and competitive awards. He enjoys reading, mathematical modeling, and geocaching. Stan is married to artist/art teacher Bonnie Toney, and they live in Jamestown with their two kids and one dog.

Vanessa Wedrychowicz

Vanessa is a professional fine art lifestyle photographer who shoots on a referral-only basis. She has been published in Our State Magazine and Winston-Salem Magazine.  After 10 years behind the camera, she found a new passion in health and wellness. Vanessa has a sociology and marketing/public relations degree from East Carolina University. After doing PR for Ferrari professionally, she decided to pursue her love of photography and family becoming a stay-at-home mom when her oldest was born. Vanessa and her husband Ryan, a retired Charlotte fireman and small business owner, have homeschooled their three children since 2013, when their oldest started kindergarten.    Together, she and her husband own a landscape company.  Vanessa has a passion for entrepreneurship and understands business start up which is why she enjoys teaching our Shark Tank class here at STEM. She and her family spend a lot of time outdoors and fulfilling their passion of traveling and exploring new cultures and adventures. 

Diana Widmer

Diana is currently working as a tutor for elementary students ranging from 5 to 11 years of age. She helps kids with various skills in reading/language arts; including decoding, spelling, application, fluency and comprehension. She also helps with math computation and problem solving for some students. Diana’s degree is a bachelor of science in elementary education. She has 30 years of experience teaching grades K-3. Children have been Diana’s passion since she began babysitting at age eleven. She enjoys instilling the love of learning, no matter what is to be learned, and watching children discover confidence in themselves as they grow and discover new things and ideas. The art of crochet has been a favorite hobby of hers for over 45 years now! She has created hundreds of items including clothes, scarves, hats, mittens, baby items, and blankets.

Shelly Wyramon

Shelly has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, as well as a BS in Food Science from Purdue University.  She taught elementary school for six years and then chose to stay at home with her growing family.  She has three children, all of whom receive their education at home.  This is her tenth year of homeschooling.  She has a passion for teaching children and loves to watch their excitement when learning new things, especially science! 

Jeanette White