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Looking for a way to serve at Central STEM?


The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is looking for a few parents to lead field trips and/or help with planning the End of the Year party.


If you'd like to get more involved with Central Stem, PAC is a great place to serve. Shoot us an email at if you're interested!


Please remember that payment for all lunches and activities is still CASH ONLY. All envelopes deposited into the PAC mailbox should be sealed, clearly marked with your student's name and what activity the money is for, and contain the exact change. If you don't see the PAC mailbox on the cart in the lobby, ask a lobby volunteer to direct you.


Holli Billings and Jena Ream


A quick service lunch option for all Thursday students, instructors, and volunteers is available on the 3rd week of the month. Anyone who will be at the church during STEM's lunch time is welcome to order!



Feb. 16:  Jumbo cheese pizza slices + bottle of water

Mar. 16:  Subway lunch box (Choice of 6 in. or footlong cold cuts or ham subs, chips, cookie, and bottle of water)

Apr. 20:  Jumbo cheese pizza slices + bottle of water



RSVP and payment required. CLICK HERE for the registration form. Fees should be paid in CASH ONLY and are considered non-refundable. The PAC mailbox is on the lobby cart (a volunteer can direct you if needed). Orders and payment are always due on the 2nd week of the month.



Bottled water, soda (Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite) and packaged snacks (i.e., chips and cookies) are for sale during Third Week Lunch for $1 each! No RSVP needed, but bring exact change, please.

PAC is offering social opportunities for all Central STEM families on the first Friday of the month. We aim to provide a variety of options that meet the social needs of students and financial comfort level of their families based on our survey results.


Friday, March 3rd: Level Up in Thomasville ($)

Friday, April 7th:  Herbal Accents in Mocksville ($)


Click on the activity to be taken to the registration form. RSVP and cash payment is required one week prior to the outing. In the event a field trip does not receive the minimum number of registrations required by the host (typically 10 students), it will be subject to cancelation.

April 25th

Central STEM Baseball Night


Come join Central STEM and the

Winston-Salem Dash for STEAM Night on April 25th! Tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate of $11 per person!

Click HERE for more

information and tickets

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Mark your calendar and don't miss this year's End of the Year Celebration! The PAC team is looking for help with ideas and planning for this year's event. Email us at to be added to the planning committee. 



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